Thrombosis is a hallmark of life-threatening diseases, such as myocardial infarction, stroke or venous thromboembolism representing major causes of death in the western civilization. In 2014 the Special Research Program SFB-F54 (“Cellular Mediators Linking Inflammation and Thrombosis”) was launched at the Medical University Vienna financed by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), which comprises a network of eight research groups that are focusing on molecular and cellular links between inflammation and thrombotic diseases to provide a new view of thrombosis integrating the role of inflammatory processes thereby building up new strategies for therapeutic interventions.

Our Special Research Program SFB-F54 has been extended for a second funding phase from 2018 - 2022.



“From lipids to thrombosis: translational research targeting HDL and platelet function”


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Covid-19-Patienten leiden nicht nur direkt unter dem Virus. Sie sind auch von zahlreichen Begleiterkrankungen betroffen. So haben Wiener Forscher nun den Zusammenhang mit Beinvenenthrombose bzw. Lungenembolie nachgewiesen. In einer..


“Ikk2-mediated inflammatory activation of arterial endothelial cells promotes the development and progression of atherosclerosis”


Single-cell Sequencing of Epigenetic Disease Landscapes and Induced Perturbations


We are happy to announce that Barbara Thaler (Wojta-group) was selected as researcher of the month for her recently published work on „Differential expression of Plg-RKT and its effects on migration of proinflammatory monocyte and macrophage..